Pillar content strategy is an approach to creating content for social media channels, and it stemmed from the need for brands and creators to produce a wide variety of content in volume. The social media adaption of this concept was taken from a hack that bloggers would use and it essentially consists of two primary elements, pillar-content and Micro-content. 

“If a business isn’t using pillar-content strategy in 2021, they’ll soon be left behind. I have witnessed lawn mowing businesses apply these strategies with success, and I strongly believe with the right creative approach any other business can too!”

Pillar-content or a ‘pillar’, is a long-form piece of content that covers an overview of a topic and can be re-purposed into other forms of micro-content. Examples of pillar content include, but are not limited to – podcasts, books, e-books, and blogs. For example, a website blog ‘pillar’ could be broken down into several pieces of microcontent such as articles for social media then used as scripts for videos – you could even go a step further and extract quotes from the micro-content to be used as text posts on Twitter or quotes overlaid on photos in Facebook posts. For example, one e-book can result in over 30-pieces of content, and this can give you plenty of ammunition to organically reach your perfect client and provide value on your social channels.

It can be difficult to fully appreciate the power of pillar-content strategy… and for businesses owners looking to transition into ‘new school’ marketing, this might sound counter intuitive. SRP Films is here to help, and we offer a free no obligation strategy call for businesses curious about the best ways to advertise in 2021.